Our Key Workshops

Recruiting And Retaining High-Quality And Effective Personnel

Solutions-based initiatives to recruit and hire a highly qualified and diverse labor force 

Academic Excellence In K-12 Education

Fostering a culture of scholastic achievement that radiates from the school and district administration, educators, student body, parents and guardians, and the community

Promoting Quality Internal And External Communication

Strategies to establish meaningful exchange of ideas and information within the organization itself and with external stakeholders

Summer Novice Teacher Orientation 

A pathway to place novice educators on the road to success. Teachers are aligned with peer coaches and mentors; as well as engagement with reflective practices and approaches to remain in the field. Insight is given to provide catalysts for professional development and discuss barriers to educator retention. 

High Stakes Testing Boot Camp For Educators, Learners, And Administrators

A three-month preparation for high stakes testing which includes assessment endurance, test anxiety, student demonstration of skills, intensive knowledge review, rigorous and fast paced content mastery, and conditioning techniques that resemble testing

An Outline For Dropout Prevention

Analysis and evaluation of the ongoing research on dropout prevention and efforts to aid at-risk students and those with special needs

The Crisis and Some Solution for K-12 and Higher Education

Tools for students, parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure every child receives a high quality thriving education

Raising Student Achievement

Workshop describes education as a matter of raising expectations in all capacities and bring substantial and systemic change

Student Assessment And Design Workshop

Introduces elements and concepts on aligning criterion-based assessments to learning goals

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) That Work

Delivering powerful strategies for substantive school improvement

Feasibility Studies On District Strategic Planning

A feasibility study analysis is conducted prior to an educational organization entering an agreement to determine its legal, technical, economic, resource, and scheduling factors associated with a project

Grading Policies That Promote Mastery

Educators and administrators gain a greater understanding on standards-based grading processes and how to communicate student learning expectations to parents and guardians using the district's electronic gradebook

Rubrics: The Road To Achievement

The creation and utility of high yield rubrics to demonstrate competency-based learning and achievement

Politics And Public Schools

Expresses the intersection of the political arena and public education and the shared interest of both institutions. 

Comprehensive Support And Improvement (CSI) And Targeted Support And Improvement (TSI):

A Strategy That Wins

Identifies measures that caused schools or district to be placed on Comprehensive Support And Improvement (CSI) And Targeted Support And Improvement (TSI) and provides an individualized action plan to exit status based on intensive support 

Dropout Prevention: A Systems Approach For K-12

A number of interventions from kindergarten through twelfth grade to address dropout prevention and close the achievement and opportunity gaps among minority students

Response To Intervention (RTI) And Student Support Teams (SST) Expertise

 Addresses concerns affecting student school performance and to implement tailored interventions based on goal setting, interventions, and pedagogical practices

Credit Recovery And Student Retention

A variety of strategies to identify and engage at-risk students and increase student retention and reclamation


STEM, AP, And IB For Minority Students

Promoting and motivating minority students to enroll and attain credit in upper level coursework, Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEM), Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) course in order to shrink the racial and opportunity gaps

Mathematics Rising

Participants are given sure fire interventions to change student perceptions about mathematics and increase fluency and raise performance

When The Children Buy-In, The Schools Win

 Use of tools and  indicators to create buy-in, involve stakeholders, and monitor and report school and district progress

Needs Assessments

Outline to processes associated with conducting a systemic needs assessment (i.e, root cause analysis of low performance, professional development to meet organizational needs, establishing SMART goals, collecting baseline data, galvanizing stakeholders and creating buy-in, setting expectations, and fundamental questions around assessment)

District Budgeting And Finances

Equips schools and districts with strategies to be financially sound and stable during local, state, and federal economic peaks and downturns 

Building A Quality Adult Education Program

Step-by-step measures to build and sustain a high-performing adult education program that enriches the local community and shrinks the opportunity gap

Reading Is A Civil And Silver Right

Initiative that approaches grade level reading proficiency as a matter of civil rights and economic empowerment

Unpacking The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS)

Interpret, analyze, evaluate, and comprehend the Common Core State Standards Initiative; as well as the achievement gap data for years 2009 and 2016

Countdown To Pre-K: Virtual Prekindergarten Strategies

Advocacy and opposing perspectives of a virtual prekindergarten program and its ability to prepare preschoolers 

Transforming Middle Schools/Transitional Plans

Team building and high school preparation strategies that truly work for middle school students for high school rigor and content readiness

Superlative Support Staff

Enhancing a school climate and culture where a model support staff is engaged in more facets of school improvement


Preventative Action Plans and Emergency Procedures

Review and revise action plans and emergency procedures 

Hands-On Learning And Field Projects In Every Discipline

Hands-on, field projects, and brain-based learning strategies and activities which extend comprehension and knowledge retention for every academic discipline

Evidence-Based Strategies For Supporting And Enhancing Parental Involvement And Communication

A strategic plan for improving relationship building, academic partnerships, and communication at the school level with students, parents, guardians, adult supporters, educators, and administrators

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