Words From The Greats: Version 1.0 (EBook)


Words From The Greats: Version 1.0 is a part of a trilogy series dedicated to sung and unsung civil rights leaders. It is an excellent reader lovers of history of all age groups.With clearly written text that explains key quotes based on a tumultuous time in our shared history, Words From The Greats: Version 1.0 is a must read.

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    Words from the Greats: Version 1.0 analyzes quotes on prominent leaders positions and gives synopses on their statements. This eBook draws upon the current political climate which is forcing Americans and citizens around the globe to reform the world over again. The ten leaders discussed throughout this text, some renowned and some unsung are: Thurgood Marshall, James Baldwin, James Farmer, Jr., James Meredith, Fannie Lou Hamer, Diane Nash, Ella Baker, Dorothy Height, Malcolm X, and Shirley Chisholm. Each were ruled by their passion to attain and maintain equality.

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