Response To Comey Firing

May 10, 2017

At one time, the United States considered the USSR/Russia and communism as an imminent threat. It was so critical that students were forced to do drills by crouching under their desks, because the country was afraid of a nuclear attack. Even civil rights leaders were classified as communist. How quickly, or because a change in administration, has the nation come to cuddling up to the Russians. The firing of FBI Director James Comey shows how extreme, fascist, and a conspirator he is, and affirms our suspicion of the "new U.S.-Russian" relationship. Democracy is one of the most liberal political institutions in the free world, but it is also the most fragile


An NPR news commentator stated that there is a comparison to the U.S.-Russia presidential election link to Watergate. The commentator said that 45 makes Nixon look like an amateur.

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